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What is Angled Lensed Fibers: These fibers are called side firing fibers and light coming (exits) out in different angles as per design and need. With side-fire fibers, it is possible to emit a laser beam at the fiber tip that is almost perpendicular to the fiber axis. The end surface of side-fire fibers features an angle of approximately 42°. The Brewster angle results in a total reflection, and the light is emitted sideways out of the fiber.

LaseOptics Angled Lensed Fiber is rapidly becoming the method of choice for side firing applications, Optical fibers transmit light which is generally coupled out in the direction of the fiber. Fibers with shaped end surfaces work differently!

Fine control of light distribution along an optical fiber is critical for various biomedical applications such as light-activated drug-release and optogenetics studies. Side-fire fibers are an important tool in laser medicine. They are used in the removal of tissue in hollow organs; for example, these fibers are used in the treatment of prostrate enlargements.

Fig 1. Single fiber with 40° angle with reduced clad fiber stripped length 8mm


Fig 2. Different Angled Lensed Fibers