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LaseOptics Wedged/Chisel Lensed Fibers are rapidly becoming the method of choice for interfacing single mode optical fiber to single mode laser diode coupling and with FWHM. Some other countries called as Cylindrical Lensed fibers and these lensed fibers give high coupling efficiency with 980nm butterfly packages.

LaseOptics offer different Double Wedged/chisel in single mode fiber, multimode fibers and Polarization Maintaining fiber according to customers’ specifications. Additionally, we offer different wavelength optical fibers.

LaseOptics Advanced Lensed Fiber Assembly platform allows OEMs to consolidate suppliers of metallized fiber, hermetic sleeves, AR coatings, Lensing, Fiber Bragg Gratings and connectorization into a single source for the entire pigtail assembly with any connector.

Fig 1. Single mode fiber with Wedged/Chisel lensed fiber


Fig 2. Cylindrical/Chisel Lensed Fibers different directions