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Fiber Optics Homeland Security Fence

LaseOptics Technical limitations and environmental factors can impact the performance of many border security systems – leaving them vulnerable to infiltration. Fiber Optic Sensing System provides up to 25 km of a continuous surveillance per fiber optic processing unit through its advanced Distributed Acoustic Sensing Technology (DAST). No power infrastructure is required along the fiber optic cable and which is buried underground. A single shelter houses the necessary equipment to provide up to 50 Km detection and processing capability. Protect your borders cost-effectively with a fiber optic monitoring system that utilizes smart technology to identify multiple threats reliably and in real time.

The fiber optic cable is inherently immune to EMI/RFI or lightning and is safe in the presence of an explosive atmosphere. A single standard, single-mode communication fiber in a directly-buried cable configuration, effectively provides the means for detecting surrounding signals.

LaseOptics solution is capable of accurately locating multiple simultaneous intrusions along the fiber, in real-time. Natural environment or non-relevant man-made noises are automatically filtered in real-time advanced signal processing algorithms, thus resulting in low false alarm rate.

Fiber Optics Security Systems (FOSS): Building Design for Homeland Security
Homeland security has been so important in the present time. We do need more security than ever. Fiber Optics Technology for Homeland is more protect and more reliable. LaseOptics is introducing fiber optics security system to the world.

Protect large perimeters and critical infrastructure with FOSS’s breakthrough technology. The untapped capabilities of optical fiber coupled with FOSS’s smart sensing technology offers you the ability to instantly identify and locate intrusions or threats over hundreds of miles.

Then sending cable can be attached to fence or structure or buried for covert operation with no power or active components in the field. The system is simple to install, is virtual maintenance free and has been proven to deliver extremely low false alarm rates while providing 100% detection even in the most demanding, high security applications.

Quite simple Fiber Optics Security Systems are the world’s most effective solution to secure high value assets and critical infrastructure.

FOSS Fence: Fiber Optics perimeter security detection and location system, detecting intrusions to within 25 miles along perimeter fences up to 30 miles long. The performance of secure Fence is superior to that of any other perimeter security system in its class. It can be mounted on the fence or buried in the ground.

FOSS Pipe & Wall: advanced fiber optics pipeline security monitoring system, detecting third party inference (TPI) that could pose a threat to pipes or walls, tampering, and illegal tapping attempts. Will locate these events to within 100 meters along buried and surface pipelines up to 50 miles long. The entire length of each pipeline is monitored in real-time and with complete safety.

Fig 1. Homeland Security Fiber Fence

Fig 2. Fence with Fibers sensors