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Spherical Lensed Fibers

What is Spherical Lensed Fiber (SLF)? It is a hemispherical Lensed fiber with half radius of curvature of fiber diameter and we have several lens fiber types, CLF (Conical Lensed Fiber).

The end surface of lens with 62.5µm or lower of radius of curvature for single mode fiber and spherical lensed fiber are rapidly becoming the method of choice for interfacing optical fiber to multimode laser coupling and beam collimating and we can also combine the process to include metallization, AR-Coating, metal ferules.

LaseOptics spherical lensed fibers include different mode field diameter and lensed fiber material can vary from each fiber sometimes we create fiber itself lensed. Spherical Lensed fibers are small, easy to handle, relatively low cost, and competitive in optical performance

Lensed Fiber is also named as fiber micro-lens or fiber lens. It is used to change light path or mode conversion in light system by special process on optical surface of fiber. According to different applications, we have three types of lensed fiber. They are: Hemispherical Lensed Fiber, Spherical Lensed Fiber and Collimated Beam Lensed Fiber.

SMF-28 Coupler with Fiber Polarizer with Spherical Collimated Lens

Fig 1. Single mode Spherical Lensed fibers


Fig 2. Spherical Lensed Fibers