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Laser Packaging: High-Power Laser Diodes

Industry – R & D – Users of laser diodes have dramatically increased recently. The optical characteristics, small size, and ruggedness of laser diodes have allowed many new uses to be commercialized.

More recently high-power laser diodes operating in the wavelength range of about 800nm-1010nm have been getting much attention due to their widespread applications. These lasers are used in optical pumping of solid-state lasers, such as the Nd: YAG,

replacing traditional flash lamp designs. High-power laser diodes are tuned to the absorption band of the dielectric crystal resulting in much more efficient pumping of the laser rod, from which a high-power focused coherent beam of light is emitted. This beam can then be used in a variety of industrial, medical, and military applications. Laser diodes have been developed to match the absorption bands of a variety of dielectric crystals in a broad wavelength range. Side pictures shows two common variations of high-power laser diode packages.

In these applications, a high-power laser diode operating at the wavelength of 980nm is used as a pump source for erbium doped fiber amplifiers. Such optical amplifiers are used in direct optical amplification of the 1550nm wavelength telecommunication signals propagating along the long haul telecommunication lines.

We offer high power laser diodes of different wavelengths with different power levels for medical, educational, space, printing, telecom, and industry based network systems. 808nm 2W high power laser diode fiber coupled units, 980nm pump butterfly packages specially packed with Lensed Fibers and 9mm laser diode packages are available any time. The 9mm Laser diode Package of 915nm, 120mW is available for currency authenticator application and other applications. We do supply 9mm packages with different wavelengths and power levels with and without photodiode.

Laser Packaging