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What is Perpendicular Lensed Fiber: The Light transmits through optical fiber and exits perpendicularly like 90 degrees.

LaseOptics Perpendicular Lensed Fiber is rapidly becoming the method of choice for interfacing photo diodes, waveguide chip and laser diodes to coupling. Lensing technology provides highly efficient couplings and collimating while consuming a fraction of the space and costs of bulk optic alternatives.

LaseOptics offer different perpendicular lensed fibers in single mode fiber, polarization maintaining fiber and multimode fiber according to customers’ specifications.  Additionally, we are producing sapphire fiber lensing for other applications.

These perpendicular lensed fibers include different angled/ beveled as per customer applications. Lens materials can vary from glass to quartz or sapphire fiber. By a large margin, most of the perpendicular lensed fiber used today is made using by coreless fiber. Perpendicular lensed fibers are small, easy to handle, relatively low cost, and competitive in optical performance. However LaseOptics can make for you with custom specifications lensed fibers.

Fig 1. Perpendicular Lens Fiber


Fig 2. Perpendicular Lens with Coreless Fiber


Fig 3. Perpendicular Lensed Fiber on Light coupling from Chip