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LaseOptics offers a variety of high quality next generational products in fiber optics, lensed fibers, tapered fibers, laser packages, banking authentication and homeland securities fiber optics products. We do offer several joint research and development consultant services.
Fiber Optics: Lensed Fibers:
LaseOptics is a manufacturer of next generation optical lens fiber for laser diodes packages, waveguides and biomedical use. You can use tapered fibers in much other application. These lens fibers are in a variety of shaped-ends and consist of, but are not limited to the following styles, Conical, Semi-conical, Ball Lens, 45-Degree angle, collimated lens fibers, perpendicular lensed fibers and Double Wedge Chisel. We are creating and producing these fibers with different shapes, according to customers’ specifications. These fibers are highly useful for the fiber coupling of high power diode lasers (HPDLS), waveguides coupling, VCSELS and also for single mode and multimode applications. They are bare fibers, such as SMF-28, Corning Flexcore, Nufern S405, Nufern 780 HP, or any other custom or brand bare fibers. Lensed fibers are rapidly becoming the method of choice for interfacing optical fiber to waveguides.
Fiber Optics: Pigtails Assemblies or Patch Cords:
LaseOptics offers custom terminations, cables with lensed fibers, lens tips, tapered fibers lens fiber arrays with termination, and two different wavelengths fibers mixed with one termination of any of these connectors SMA, FC/PC, FC/APC, ST and SC. LaseOptics can design and manufacture lensed multiplexed fiber arrays for DWDM application of customer specifications.
AR coating and Metallization:
LaseOptics offers Anti Reflection coating on lensed fibers, lensed fiber terminations, tapered fibers and fiber pigtails assemblies. We do offer Metallization on the lensed bare fibers for your laser welding purposes and packaging needs.
Laser Packages:
The Company offers high power laser diodes packages of 980 nm, 915nm pump modules in single and multi mode devices, different other wavelength packages. LaseOptics can design and package, your chips and bars in to unique custom specification packages.
Banking Products:
LaseOptics Currently offers numerous banking products, like laser currency detector, automatic currency cross-banding machine, laser brilliant currency checker plus counter. Our laser counterfeit detector is having 5 way detection mechanisms including IR with multi countries currency detection. Insure your company’s profits and protect your business and employees with fraud detection. Our products are designed for easy of use and high accuracy.
Homeland Security: Fiber Optics Fence:
Installation was extremely quick and simple.”It took around two weeks to install and required very little construction, just a few hand holes for fiber splices along the fence. The Fiber Optics Secure Fence system consists of a single pass of fiber optic cable along the fence fabric for the entire protected perimeter. This passive sensor required no maintenance and is completely immune to lightning and electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
Research & Development:
Subject to the availability of grants/capital, the Company is conducting several internal research and development programs associated with fiber optics system in avionics and biomedical therapeutic laser technologies. Our chief technical officer had 16 years experience and engaged with biomedical research laboratories and academic research laboratories for collaborative work and new technologies. Our technical team will assist with diagnosis, planning, and implementation of your project proposals and joint research programs.
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