What is The Use of Laser Diodes? What Properties Make Them So Beneficial?

Used in telecommunication process across industries, a laser diode is a kind of light-emitting, semi-conductor device. The emitted light from the laser diode has waves with same frequency and phase.

With the advancement of the optical fiber technology, laser diodes have also seen enhanced adoption and uses across industrial applications. Before we talk about use of laser diodes, we must know more about their properties that make them so effective for usage in applications.

Laser Diode Properties

  • The light emitted by the laser diode is coherent on nature; that is the emitted light’s wavelength is in phase.
  • A laser diode is capable of producing high power and intensity because of continual reflections, which results in bright light production from the device.
  • The light emitted is monochrome in nature, meaning it has a single wavelength, resulting in a single color radiation.
  • Because the emitted photons go through a number of reflections through the mirror, which ensures that the light which deviates from its axis is skipped and only focused light beam is the end result. It causes highly directional light with not much divergence.

Benefits of Laser Diode

  • Laser diode consumes less operational power unlike other devices, therefore provides a great energy efficient solution.
  • The light emitted is high in efficiency, for better projected performance.
  • The laser diodes are easy to handle because of their small sizes.

Laser Diode Applications

Because of its high-end properties and extensive benefits, and availability in multiple output powers, wavelengths, beam shapes, laser diode is specifically suitable for use in multiple applications across industries:

  • These modules can be used across industrial applications and scientific instrumentation like remote, spectrometry, contactless measurements and range finders.
  • Laser diodes are suitable to be used in optical fiber communication because if their capability for transmitting high-focused beams.
  • Laser diodes are also used in consumer electronics like laser printers, barcode readers, and CD/DVD players.
  • Laser diodes are used in medical field in instruments for non-invasive surgeries, elimination of cancer cells and unwanted tissues, and so.
  • Laser diodes are also effectively used for autonomous driving applications where LIDAR systems are applied.
  • Laser diodes can also be used for cutting of materials, as well as in 3D printing, drilling, welding, scribing, engraving and so.

Thus, knowing these uses of laser diodes can help you determine where and what type of laser diode will fill your requirement for industrial application.